Your personal wardrobe assistant

Make fashion within reach

Udrobe Story


It begins with a question

What do I wear today?



User research, UX design, Product design

My Role

Design research, Research synthesis, Persona, Prototype, Wireframe, Storyboard, Visual design


May, 2017


Your personal wardrobe assistant

making fashion within reach



Every morning I spent almost twenty minutes thinking about what to wear today. It always makes me late for work, which is quite annoying.

A great number of people suffer from this like me.



Udrobe is a set of products including a Smart mirror, Hangers and an App. They help users get rid of the annoying question every day - what to wear today.

• A digital assistant which can help you manage your closet.

• Give you matching advice through picking clothes from your own closet.

Introduce Udrobe


Smart Mirror + Hanger + App

Before using

Build your own digital wardrobe

Introduce how to add new clothes to your digital wardrobe through Smart Mirror.

Using Scenario

How your personal wardrobe assistant give you advice


Digital Wardrobe

Mobile application connected with the mirror which give users a better experience of this product.

Each hanger has its own number.
Different colors and letters indicate different seasons.
It helps users to find their clothes more easily.


Group Research

This research was done in Hangzhou, China.

The total number of participant is 53, including 30 female and 23 male.


People’s attitude towards matching: enjoy but annoyed Most people want to spend less time for a fashion look.


Flowing Chart

Design brief

After researching, an intelligent system, including app, mirror and hanger, comes to resolve this painful experience.

Work Flow


Wireframe of Mirror

Wireframe of App



Three styles of hanger for different groups of people with different styles.