Indoor & outdoor navigation system for people with vision loss in China

EasyWalk Story


"My grand aunt is a blind person. Almost every day she can only sit on her old chair at home and hardly go out. "



User Research, Concept Ideation, UX strategy, Service Design, Prototyping

My Role

Design research, Research synthesis, Wireframe, Prototype, Storyboard


November, 2017


Creating an unashamed and invulnerable experience in public for people with vision loss in China.


EasyWalk glasses provide indoor & outdoor navigation and look no different from other sunglasses which helps the blind person walk confidently. So opaque black is used in EasyWalk. All components are hidden in the frame. Two different styles are provided for both men and women. 



Innovation in Product design

How might we help people with vision loss in China confidently walk in public space?


In China, about 6 million people suffer visual impairment, accounting for 18% of the world's blind population.

In the current market, there are only a small amount of products providing indoor navigation. 

In China, imperfect infrastructure,discrimination, and low incomes are the main reasons why we rarely see the blind in the streets.





1 blind man in every 100 people in China.

Why do we rarely see them in the street?


Flowing Chart

Exploring the benefits and opportunities which bring from EasyWalk



Product introduction

/Using scenario

Two styles are provided for users which give them more options.