Background & Inspiration

In modern China society, people is more easier to have conflicts with others when they just meet a little trouble or unpleasant stuff.

Before we started this project, several news happened around us:

The public bus and a private car have a little crash. The car driver can not bear this, stop the public bus and kill the bus driver.

The doctor was beaten to death by the patient's family.


In order to find the reason which cause this phenomenon in the society, we search information from books, internet and many places.

535 urban people conducted a health survey, of which about 60% of the public in the survey, said "recently a little trouble", 124 people showed significant symptoms of depression, accounting for about 23.2%.

Overall, the incidence of depression in Chinese urban residents is high, which should arouse people's attention. Among the 124 people with obvious symptoms of depression, 11 people under 20 years old, about 2.06%; 20 to 30 years old, 35 people, accounting for 6.54%; 30 to 40 years old 45 people, about 8.41 %; 40 to 50 years old with 22 people, accounting for 4.11%; 50 to 60 years old 11 people, accounting for 2.06%.

We decided focusing on four major metal illness currently:

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Phobia


Then we found

· Human nature itself determines the spiritual crisis of human existence

·  The profound social and historical situation is the root of modern mental illness

·  Social unconsciousness of the psychological depression

Three symptoms:
·  Anxiety and anxiety
·  Social indifference and lack of trust
·  Revenge on society and humiliation personality

​After researching, we made the finding into a digital museum-a website called How Are You.

Working flow

This website includes a series of interaction, which will tell you what is the reaction of the people who have mental disease. Each family member has different symptom and different kind of mental disease, like a small society of China.

We add some interaction in the website

When drag the red button the people will show their different respond with different environment to demonstrate their mental like an actual digital museum.