User research, UI/UX design, Prototyping


My Role 

Design research, Research synthesis,

User testing, Prototype, Wireframe, Workflow, Visual design


​Jin Cao




​Building an online platform for designers to create design mindmap, aiming to be a great assistant for

idea documentation and remote teamwork.



• PowerPoint or Mindmap App not designed especially for designers users.

• Design information collection is not so clear during group talk.

• Remote design group brainstorming is not so efficient.



Design with team in traditional design process

Take photo for the achievement in different design process

Import pictures for design mind map


Background Analysis


Functions and needs come form background

Brainstorm of mind maps and stickers / Design sketches / Dividing the work / Design tools built for designers on phone/ Special Tech(screen sketch, audio) if designers/ developers need


Who else in this area?

Google Slides / Apple Notes / Evernote / Microsoft OneNote / Mindjet








Opportunities and Unmet needs

· Designers start using smart phones or pads more often than before

· Currently, it's inconvenient for designers to use the group working app with engineering function

· Someone is absent the meeting may come later to see the process or even do it remotely

· Design students groups can use this as a prototype management tool

· Users can share the ideas to other groups



PACT Analysis (People, Activities, Context, Technologies)


· Different levels of design level students

· Projects members or teammates

· People who aim to do a prototype of the design after brainstorm

· People can see each other when they make it at the same time

· 18-35-year-old age group

· Low to Medium income bracket



· Use during, and /or after group discussing

· Usage is based on the discussing time (1x or more/week)

· Can be utilized individually or together with people

· Require high focus or concentration

· Length of usage at a time is short and frequent


Context (Environment)

· Indoor, studios, remote places

· Noise level: low

· Can be utilized alone or together with people

· Mobile usage



· Mobile /web application

· Online /offline modes

· Users are content creators

· Communication

· Users will be connected

· Social media aspect


Analysis / Findings


· The ways designers use while design: sketch on papers, stickers, lots of post its, Mind map, notes, illustrator, whiteboard, tape or staples, Google doc, Models, Diagrams, Mindject, blueprint

· Users are accustomed to the mixed way with traditional and digital design way.

· There are 45.7% designers whom I researched choose to use iPads, iPhone while design (But some of the people means they use computers as digital design way).

· 56.5% users think using traditional tools while design takes some time, but it won't influence the design process, and it isn't the energy they waste.

· For the thinking of the tools' future, 78.3% of the designers think: with new ways to do design prototype, you may not feel comfortable with these tools at the beginning, in the long run, but when you accustomed with it, it will save a lot of time.


User Insight Test

12 designer’s working process Insights Photos  

/ 1 photo collect process

Insight thinking

How to make Design mindmap simple but powerful

Powerful = Much more to explore


Function design from insights thinking

Design process with team online

Take photo for the achievement in process

Import pictures for design mindmap

Share the mindmap for different need

Design Mindmap

Function Layout




User Testing