Fast food packaging

for people

who have hand weakness



Old people died in the home but no one knew

The disabled people was treated differently

They need more care from family and also society

Disabled people is always a group need more care. Eating is a quite important part for their daily life and healthy.

Among disabled people there is a small group of people who have hand weakness which is caused by spiral injury or brain injury.

That comes to my research question

How can design improve experience of eating for the people with physical disabilities to enhance their self-confidence?



I visited a rehabilitation lab in Phoenix, Arizona and interviewed three patients and a doctor.



- They want to be independent, but there is not such aid


- They want eat whatever they want, but sometimes they can only eat the food without enough nutrition.

Sketch & Study Model


DELIEAT is a food packaging, which is provided freely and specially by the restaurant like Mcdonald, designing for the people who have hand weakness because of spinal or mental injury to make them eat hamburgers or sandwiches like a normal people.

Other options

Hamburger                                   Sandwich

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