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Design research, Product design, Prototype, Branding, Experience design


Stephanie Gamble, Pantea Parsa


Traditional constructs of masculinity are being left behind. Gen Z understands gender identity as a spectrum, not a binary. In this new cultural framework we see an increase in male identifying, and presenting individuals wearing makeup products.

Chroma, building a new cosmetic brand experience that recognizes and celebrates the dynamic spectrum of identity expression.


Let’s be honest, things are changing.


The traditional constructs of masculinity are being left behind. Gen Z understands gender identity as a spectrum, not a binary. As the most culturally diverse generation in American history, they are inclusive and value self-expression.


 The Changing of Masculinity


In this new cultural framework we see an increase in male-identifying, and presenting individuals wearing makeup products.


“Right now there is no middle ground for a person like me. I don’t want a full face of makeup — I just want a couple of products so that my eyelashes pop, because they look nice… maybe a little glimmer.”


— Christopher Morales


This is relevant now because:


Gen Z is entering into the age of market buying power and cultural prominence. This is significant because they are the second-largest generation after the Baby Boomers.


They are also cognizant of fashion and trend and the prevalence of social media in their lives, means that they are hyper-aware of self-image and personal branding.


At Chroma, we recognize that gender isn’t so black and white, and that brands and products shouldn’t be either. 


70 % of U.S. adults aged 18-22 have show interest in gender-neutral beauty products.


 Playful. Inclusive. Bold. Sincere.


Our Vision


It’s time for a new masculinity, a higher masculinity where men can show up fully as they are; expressive, beautiful, confident, strong, vulnerable, creative.

Our Mission


Our mission is to support and celebrate the re-definition of masculinity and de-stigmatize the use of cosmetic products. 


We aim to achieve this by creating an inclusive brand and product range for the dynamic identity of the modern man and a community that stands for freedom of self-expression and play.




We all need to loosen up a little, and have some fun. 


Gender no longer strongly defines how we express ourselves. Men can wear makeup just because they like the way it evens their skin tone or makes their eyes pop.


Chroma Phase 1 Product line

Anti Shine / Tinted Moisturizer / Anti Shine Brush / Concealer


Chroma Phase 2 Product line

Cheek / Eye Lid Color/ Eyelash Color / Face Moisturizer / Lip Color / Eye Pencil


Chroma Phase 3 Product line

Face Color / Eye Lid Color/ Eyelash Color / Cheek / Lip Color / Eye Pencil 


Target User


Creative Self-Starters



18-32 yrs 



Male, Male Presenting


Creative Young Professional


Professional and creative ambitions spanning a number of industries including fashion, design, music and photography.


They curate and experiment with their image and personal identity.


They see value in purchasing quality products that are well crafted and aspirational in nature.

Brand Positioning








Go-to-Market Strategy


Design Language


Since our customer is cognizant of fashion, trend, art and design.


We used the foundations of art and design as the core of our brand architecture to create products that feel cool, unique, bold and playful.



: Intensity of distinctive hue; saturation of color.


Chroma is the core of our brand ethos. Chroma speaks to the spectrum of intensity that color can embody just as our products and brand recognize and celebrate the spectrum of identity expression.




The form of our product offering speaks to our “back to basics” ethos as in that we highlight and celebrate elementary form.


Each product in our range uses a single basic form or a combination of basic forms.




The color palette is inspired by the foundations of color theory using sophisticated primary and secondary colors, with brighter and darker hues of each shade. 


Black, White and magenta are incorporated as energizing pop accents.


Our palette was designed to convey inclusion, play and boldness.